Our Process

The Import and Export Process at IOR Africa

To ensure clarity for our clients at IOR Africa, here’s a glimpse into the stages of our import and export process. This way, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect next:



Stage 1


Stage 2

Purchase Order will be issued as soon as Quote is approved


Stage 3

We make sure that products comply with the BOM (Bill of Materials) requirements. IOR Africa helps you complete all documents needed for the export process.


Stage 4

Our IOR partner applies for all licenses, permits and approvals in the chosen country.


Stage 5

You will receive product uplift approval by IOR Africa


Stage 6

We will have all documents filed with the authorities and legal entities of the destination countries.


Stage 7

Finally, delivery to the clients’ end user.

Looking for an import or export partner that keeps you updated step by step?