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IOR Africa provides customers with Exporter of Record services for their IT equipment in over 70 countries in Africa & the Middle East. You can see an interactive map displaying the locations where we can currently cover our compliance services not limited to Middle Eastern countries.

Why Choose EOR Services?

  • Absence of a registered business entity in the destination country.
  • Unregistered status for the exportation of goods.
  • Lack of essential export licenses and permits for the merchandise.
  • Limited knowledge about the distinct export procedures, legal requirements, and local compliance.

Exporter Of Record Responsibilities

In the realm of Exporter of Record Services (EOR), similar to an Importer of Record Services (IOR), the EOR assumes the pivotal role of guaranteeing meticulous adherence to essential compliance prerequisites and legal standards during the exportation of goods from the country.

This involves diverse tasks, from accurately categorizing the obligatory Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) to procuring the necessary export compliance documents. Throughout the customs clearance procedure, the EOR can function as the interim custodian of the goods until they are formally acquired by the consignee.

Customs Clearance Process

What Is The EOR Process?

How It Works


  1. Ask you to provide the shipment information.
  2. We check that the shipment adheres to the country’s standards and legislation.
  3. We provide you with a quote that includes customs clearance, EOR fees, duties, and taxes.
  4. Provide you with the list of compliance paperwork that is required.

During The Shipping

We will keep you updated with the shipment status until it ships in the destination country.

Post Shipping

  1. We submit all the documentation to the Border Protection Agency and Customs.
  2. We will pay all the required local fees: clearance, taxes, and duties.
  3. We will clear the shipment and ship it to your final destination.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exporter Of Record EOR

The EOR is responsible for ensuring the export of all your IT equipment, telecom, and tech hardware from the country. It handles the paperwork, including determining the right classification, preparing all export compliance papers, and managing customs clearance processes. It can even step in as the official exporter when dealing with customs, ensuring everything is in order before heading off to the consignee.
An Exporter of Record is necessary to ensure compliance with export regulations, manage documentation, and bear legal responsibilities for the smooth export of goods from one country to another.
Typically, a freight forwarder does not serve as an Exporter of Record. The Exporter of Record is the entity responsible for legal obligations and compliance associated with the export process.
The Exporter of Record is the designated entity responsible for adhering to export regulations, managing necessary documentation, and assuming legal liabilities during the exportation of goods.
The Exporter of Record oversees the export process by handling compliance documentation, taking on legal liabilities, and ensuring the seamless exportation of goods to their destination.


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