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Our importer of record IOR End-To-End solution helps IT and Tech companies achieve a seamless importing experience.
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IOR Africa is a one-stop shop for Importer of Record Services in over 70 countries across Africa and the Middle East. We are your dependable partner when it comes to the delivery or deployment of global IT and telecom equipment.


What is an Importer of Record IOR?

An IOR is a legal entity that holds importing licenses, takes on all import compliance responsibilities, and deals with legal matters. Honestly, handling all that risk isn’t something your business should stress about. That’s where IOR Africa, the reliable IOR service provider, steps in.

A good IOR knows the nitty-gritty details of each country’s local laws and regulations and import permits. Luckily, IOR Africa is like the superhero of international hardware deployment, armed with years of trade compliance experience and a global presence.

What Makes an IOR Different?

Unlike those who merely receive the goods in the destination country (that’s the consignee), we handle all the paperwork and take legal responsibility for the incoming gear.

And then, there’s the licensed customs broker – a different player. While a registered IOR can also act as the customs broker, it’s pretty rare for a customs broker to play our role. Importing tricky dual-use IT and tech equipment requires much knowledge and paperwork, and the IOR process can get pretty complicated. We make it a breeze, ensuring that your customs clearance happens smoothly the first time around.


How Does IOR Africa Act As The Importer of Record?

IOR Africa has an importing license and partners with an importing license that covers over 70 countries in Africa and the Middle East, when you hire IOR Africa we can import Tech hardware and IT equipment on your behalf and help you expand your business in Africa.

Our Seamless IOR Process

seamless import and export process starting from the speed response to your inquiry to receiving product uplift approval and delivering it.

importer of record ior


  1. Ask you to provide the shipment information
  2. We check that the shipment adheres to the country’s standards and legislation
  3. We provide you with a quote that includes customs clearance, IOR fee, duties, and taxes
  4. Provide you with the list of documents that are required.

During The Shipping:

We will keep you updated with the shipment status until it arrives in the destination country.

Post Shipping:

  1. We submit all the paperwork to the Customs and Border Protection agency.
  2. We will pay all the required local fees: clearance, duties, and taxes.
  3. We will clear the shipment and deliver it to your final destination.

Why IOR Africa?

The shipping world can be tough for those who are not up-to-date with all customs regulations and fail to keep track of changes. It’s also crucial for people who need their goods delivered on time, without hassle, to understand the steps that must be taken beforehand to ensure everything goes as planned when traversing borders between countries. Additionally, we offer Exporter of Record Services.

There is help here at IOR Africa:

  • IOR Africa will conduct a compliance audit to identify import constraints, the permit and certification acquisition procedure as well as customs taxes, tariffs, and charges.
  • IOR Africa would act as the IOR on your behalf, allowing the customer to avoid the high costs of creating a legal entity in the destination country.
  • IOR Africa is a one-stop show, we offer you customs clearance service that is efficient and quick, and we can also offer multiple added value services such as insurance, warehousing, packing, unpacking, and much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Importer Of Record IOR

What is the meaning of IOR in shipping terms?

In shipping terms, IOR stands for "Importer of Record." This designation implies the entity that holds the responsibility for ensuring compliance with import regulations, managing documentation, and taking on the legal obligations for the goods being brought into a specific country.

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What does an Importer of Record do?

An IOR plays a crucial role in managing the importation process. This entails handling compliance documentation, assuming legal liabilities, and ensuring the seamless entry of goods into the destination country.

Can a freight forwarder be an importer of record?

Typically, a freight forwarder does not act as an IOR. While freight forwarders facilitate the transportation of goods, the Importer of Record is the entity that takes on legal responsibilities and compliance obligations associated with the importation process.

What is the final step in the customs clearance process?

The final step in the customs clearance process involves the formal approval and release of goods by customs authorities. This clearance is granted once all necessary documentation and compliance requirements have been satisfactorily met.

What are the processes for customs?

Customs Clearance processes encompass various stages, including submission of required documentation, inspection of goods, and compliance verification. Understanding these processes is vital for smooth and efficient international trade operations.