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Open Your Doors to The African and Middle Eastern Markets With IOR Africa’s Expertise as The Importer Of Record

Your International IOR and EOR Solutions for IT Equipment

Expanding your international presence, importing a new foreign office, or moving IT goods out of a country is the work of IOR Africa.

With a wealth of experience as an Importer of Record and Exporter of Record, we help tech companies ship their equipment without hassle.

Our Services

Importer Of Record (IOR)

Managing the entire shipment – Handling all regulatory compliance research and admin – Customs Clearance and Compliance’s – Paying duties and Taxes

Exporter Of Record (EOR)

An Exporter of Record Service ensures that the exportation of IT hardware complies with the legal regulations of the source country.

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About IOR Africa

IOR Africa is a licensed and certified corporation for International Shipping, providing world-class Importer of Record IOR and Exporter of Record EOR services. We assist businesses in expanding their global presence for tech and telecom products. Our professional teams offer outsourced product services worldwide.

Countries Served

IOR Africa provides customers with Importer of Record and Export of Record Services for their IT equipment in over 70 countries in Africa & the Middle East. You can see an interactive map displaying the locations where we can currently cover our compliance services not limited to Middle Eastern countries.

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Customer: Our Customer engaged in the development of social media applications for people to connect through mobile...

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Trade Compliance Manager

Managing trade compliance can be challenging, but partnering with IOR Africa has made it much smoother. Their understanding of regulations and proactive measures ensure hassle-free transactions. Plus, their team’s responsiveness and ethical practices make them a reliable choice for anyone seeking IT solutions with compliance at the forefront.

Area Sales Manager

Working with IOR Africa has allowed us to expand our sales into new territories. Thanks to their solutions, we have significantly increased our sales.

Operation Manager EMEA

Having a reliable IOR partner is crucial. That’s why I recommend IOR Africa. They handle our tech products carefully and ensure they reach their scheduled destination. Their focus on sustainability aligns perfectly with our values, making them the go-to choice.

Project Manager

Finding a trusted partner in certain regions can be challenging. Partnering with IOR Africa has helped us implement and manage our projects in the Middle East and Africa in a highly professional manner. They are undoubtedly the best in their field in that region.

Frequently Asked Questions about Importer Of Record IOR

In shipping terms, IOR stands for "Importer of Record." This designation implies the entity that holds the responsibility for ensuring compliance with import regulations, managing documentation, and taking on the legal obligations for the goods being brought into a specific country. Read More about Importer Of Record Definition
An IOR plays a crucial role in managing the importation process. This entails handling compliance documentation, assuming legal liabilities, and ensuring the seamless entry of goods into the destination country.
Typically, a freight forwarder does not act as an IOR. While freight forwarders facilitate the transportation of goods, the Importer of Record is the entity that takes on legal responsibilities and compliance obligations associated with the importation process.
The final step in the customs clearance process involves the formal approval and release of goods by customs authorities. This clearance is granted once all necessary documentation and compliance requirements have been satisfactorily met.
Customs Clearance processes encompass various stages, including submission of required documentation, inspection of goods, and compliance verification. Understanding these processes is vital for smooth and efficient international trade operations.


What Does an IOR Do?

What Does an IOR Do?

Understanding the Importer of Record Concept In the intricate realm of international trade, the Importer of Record...

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