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IOR Africa provides businesses and clients all across Africa with solutions to import and export goods such as technology and IT equipment with free hassle. IOR Africa can help you fulfill all your Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) requirements. By doing this you are opening the door to new markets and horizons without having to expose yourself to new regulations or legal entities for the desired companies.

IOR Africa is a leader in the African market in both Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record  services; so, you can rest assure that all complexities of international trade and export regulations are taken care of by experts.

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  • Timely Delivery and zero Risk
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About IOR Africa

IOR Africa is a corporation that is licensed certified for International Shipping and A World Class Importer of Record IOR Services Provider.

Our Coverage

IOR Africa provides customers with Importer of Record services for their IT equipment in over 55 countries. Below you can see an interactive map displaying the locations we can currently cover our compliance services to.

Keep in mind that that list of countries are subject to changes for many reasons such as economic, political and social which may affect borders.

Central Eastern Northern Southern Western

Our Services

Importer of Record

IOR Africa importer of record service allows you to legally import equipment, goods, etc.

Exporter of Record

Somehow, the Exporter of Record performs similar duties and maintains similar responsibilities to the Importer of Record.

Latest Case Studies

Stratify Relocation Policies

Situation A UK-based well-known manufacturer was looking to more closely stratify global talent development and retention with global mobility. The assignments were being managed differently across various operational units of the organization. The company tried...

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Elastic, Creative Solutions for Short-Term Assignees

Situation A relocation management company approached IOR Africa with an issue their client is facing, a manufacturing company.  The company required a cost-effective support for more than 100 short-term assignees (STA’s) inbound from Europe.  The Company was short on...

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Case study

Customer: Our Customer engaged in the development of social media applications for people to connect through mobile devices, personal computers, and other services. Need: To deploy technology solution/infrastructure/equipment globally to improve user experience....

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Latest News

What is Trade Compliance?

What is Trade Compliance?

Trade compliance means acting in line with global legislation surrounding economic operations, as well as importing and exporting services and technical products, as well as following international laws for export and exchange, is what trade compliance entails. It's...

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What is an Exporter of Record Service?

What is an Exporter of Record Service?

Exporter of Record (EOR) services are structured similarly to IOR services, the difference is EOR handles laws and regulations from the export country. It's worth noting that anyone or any corporation may act as an Exporter of Record (EOR). The main duty of an EOR is...

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What Is an Importer of Record?

What Is an Importer of Record?

 International trade has many challenges, but through the help of professionals, one can avoid such challenges. An Importer of Record plays a crucial role in ensuring that import trade is not challenging. An IOR also helps prevent custom penalties due to non-adherence...

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