Why IOR Africa

The Best Choice For International Trade Compliance

International Trade Compliance Coverage

IOR Africa provides International Trade Compliance to connect you with the whole continent of Africa and the Middle East. With over 70 countries, every one of them is a potential partner for your international business ventures!

Many opportunities are waiting to be seized – Why not seize some today? Get a Quote and Speak with our Importer of Record Expert team about how we can help make connections across this massive landmass that is home to over 1 billion people from diverse cultures.


Delivery and Risk

Reducing the possibility of risks and delays is one of our priorities. Our IOR and EOR Services help businesses expand their trading internationally with zero risk.


Our Knowledge

IOR Africa’s research team is an expert in all matters of African import and customs regulations. They will assess the current regulatory requirements, tax and duty obligations, as well as any other business or investment-related issues that may arise for your company so you can stay compliant with local laws at all times.



We offer our clients the most competitive and affordable pricing. We are always keen to get the best deals in the market.