Our Customer engaged in the development of social media applications for people to connect through mobile devices, personal computers, and other services.


To deploy technology solution/infrastructure/equipment globally to improve user experience.


Importing their solution into foreign territories.

To begin with to importing goods into foreign countries company’s need an importer of record to be added as a local consignee and to carry responsibility for any financial and legal import risks associated with the shipment.

This IOR must also be a local tax registered and have the appropriate registrations and permits to import subject commodities.

The Solution:

We have listed down all countries, destinations and needed products for this client, identified exact requirements and documents needed for all countries and for those countries that client have some fears of, so we agreed to have the contract for 6 months and if they are satisfied with our services we can extend this to 3 years as per their requirements, where they agreed considering our 26 years of experience at that time and then we used our high calibre agents to make this job done quickly with excellent quality of service. After this we have done the needed job perfectly and our project with our client extended from 6 months to 3 years as of now, even to cover more countries and more products.


  • +100 Shipments were cleared into +50 countries successfully
  • Around 98% success rate for shipping on time with no issue with the country of import at all.
  • Our Client got satisfied so they extended the contract.
  • We received another request from some of their sister companies to handle different products and services upon their referral.

Received Testimonials from Our Client:

These guys proved that they can always find a legal solution almost for anything, we are truly admiring their services and efforts in making our life easier, thank you very much IOR Africa people.