A UK-based well-known manufacturer was looking to more closely stratify global talent development and retention with global mobility. The assignments were being managed differently across various operational units of the organization. The company tried earlier disrupting the assignments; exhaustion upon return from assignments; assignees said that they are not ready for the personal and professional challenges they encountered.  Multiple vendors were used for intercultural assessments and intercultural training, making it hard to monitor the overall impact of intercultural services.

IOR Africa Solution

Stratify all business units under one relocation policy using a single partner that includes pre-assignment assessment to create tailor-made development plans for all assignees. Incorporate the results of the assessments and development plans into the intercultural training program to maximize the value of the assessments.


  1. Arranged mobility assessment and intercultural development all around the company.
  2. Added value in intercultural assessments when follow-up during training.
  3. Being able to collect data on successful and challenging assignments.
  4. Possibility to offer post-program assessment to determine if global business perspicacity increased.

The client was very pleased with the result; First: IOR Africa successfully aligned the business units in question under one relocation policy which is what they need exactly.  Second: Created tailor-made enhancement plans for all assignees. Finally: combined the outcomes of the appraisals and plans into the program to get the best out of them.

Client Testimonials:

IOR Africa was responsive to our numerous urgent calls for support and made our many office relocations go like clockwork. They provided wonderful expertise, helped to keep our costs to a minimum and were extremely cooperative and friendly throughout. These guys would be wonderful addition to any corporate team!