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IOR Africa is your international Importer of Record and Exporter of Record services provider. We offer 360-degree IOR and EOR services to help you import and export your IT equipment, telecom, and tech hardware with free hassle, refusals, and problems in over 70 countries.

Our Importer of Record (IOR) solution handles trade compliance, and customs clearance, and ensures the payment of duties and taxes.

Why IOR Africa?

  • End-to-End Experience.
  • Cover Over 70 Countries.
  • Shipment Tracking System.
  • Competitive Prices.

About IOR Africa

IOR Africa is a corporation licensed and certified for international shipping, with a profound understanding of regulations and customs processes.

Our Coverage

IOR Africa provides customers with Importer of Record services for their IT equipment in over 70 countries in Africa & the Middle East. You can see an interactive map displaying the locations where we can currently cover our compliance services not limited to Middle Eastern countries.


Our IOR solution is responsible for ensuring the required documents, compliance requirements, legal approvals, customs clearance, and payment of duties. Supply Chain and Freight solutions start from the owner of the goods and extend to suppliers, distributors, and end-users, ensuring the efficient delivery of your goods to the destination country.

IOR Importer of Record

IOR Africa importer of record service allows you to legally import equipment, goods, etc.

EOR Exporter of Record

Somehow, the Exporter of Record performs similar duties and maintains similar responsibilities to the Importer of Record.

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What is an Exporter of Record Service?

What is an Exporter of Record Service?

Exporter of Record (EOR) services are structured similarly to IOR services, the difference is that EOR handles laws and regulations from the export country. It's worth noting that anyone or any corporation may act as an Exporter of Record (EOR). The main duty of an...

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What Is an Importer of Record?

What Is an Importer of Record?

International trade has many challenges, but through the help of professionals, one can avoid such challenges. An Importer of Record plays a crucial role in ensuring that import trade is not challenging. An IOR also helps prevent customs penalties due to non-adherence...

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