Importer of Record Services

IOR Africa is a one-stop shop for Importer of Record (IOR) Services to and from over 55 countries in Africa. IOR is your dependable partner when it comes time for the delivery or deployment of global IT equipment, and telecom equipment.

How IOR Africa act as the Importer of Record IOR

IOR Africa has an importing license and partners with an importing license that covers over 55 countries in Africa, when you hire IOR Africa we can import products on your behalf and help you expand your business in Africa.

Our process is simple and transparent:

Pre shipment:

  1. Ask you to provide the shipment information
  2. We check that the shipment adheres to the country’s standards and legislation
  3. We provide you with a quote that includes customs clearance, IOR fee, duties, and taxes
  4. Provide you with the list of documents that is required.

During the shipping:

  1. We will keep you updated with the shipment status until it arrives to the destination country

Post shipping

  1. We submit all the paperwork to the customs and border protection agency
  2. We will pay all the required local fees: clearance, duties, and taxes
  3. We will clear the shipment and delivered to your final destination


Client Advantages:

The world of shipping can be tough on those that are not up-to-date with all customs regulations and keep track of all the changes. It’s also important for people who need their goods delivered on time without hassle to know what steps must be taken beforehand to ensure everything goes as planned when traversing borders between countries. Luckily there is help here at IOR Africa:

• IOR Africa will conduct a compliance audit to identify import constraints, the permit and certification acquisition procedure as well as customs taxes, tariffs and charges.

• IOR Africa would can act as the Importer of Record on your behalf, allowing the customer to avoid the high costs of creating a legal entity in destination country.

• IOR Africa is a one stop show, we offer you customs clearance service that is efficient and quick, and we can also offer multiple added value services such as insurance, warehousing, packing, unpacking, and much more

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