Exporter of Record (EOR) services are structured similarly to IOR services, the difference is EOR handles laws and regulations from the export country.

It’s worth noting that anyone or any corporation may act as an Exporter of Record (EOR). The main duty of an EOR is to handle all of the documentation related to export clearance. Aside from that, any Exporter of Record (EOR) should do the following:

  • EOR will check if your shipment meets export requirements, export regulations, and if it’s in compliance with international trade regulations
  • EOR services ensure your shipment arrives at its destination to foreign markets on time
  • EOR services must also address any issues that might cause a shipment to fail to arrive at its destination port
  • EOR facilities also manage all inquiries from the exporting country’s customs authorities

The Exporter of Record (EOR) is responsible for paying compensation (if any) to the affected party in the event of a botched shipment.

Exporter of Record (EOR) and Forwarding Agents

EOR and forwarding agents play different roles, as previously stated. Nonetheless, they are both capable of playing each other’s parts. When EOR and the freight forwarder are operating as separate individuals, these are the items about which EOR would communicate with the freight forwarder.


  • EOR services provide the following information to their forwarding agent: name, business address, and EIN number.
  • EOR shares the six-digit foreign export code (Schedule B number) of the provided shipment.
  • EOR also shares commodity information with the freight forwarding agent.

If the seller (foreign principal party) wishes to deal with ECCN, EOR is responsible for providing it and sharing it with the freight forwarder.

EOR makes exporting easier

The services of an Exporter of Record (EOR) come in handy if you’re exporting anything from inside the country or from another port. As the preceding discussion has shown, the role of Exporter of Record entails a wide range of responsibilities (EOR). And rather than stressing yourself by inspecting and managing the washing, it is preferable to delegate this responsibility to a full-time professional. And rather than stressing yourself by reviewing and managing export compliance requirements, it’s easier to delegate this duty to a full-time specialist.